Multiple Restaurants can connect to a shared dashboard and get anonymous industry insight

With Skrible's FREE data sharing dashboard restaurants can connect to our dashboard that's shared by other participating restaurants in order to gain advanced market insight!

How it works

Skrible's data-sharing dashboard, which is hosted on Artecsan (Artificial Restaurant Technology Statistics & Analysis) is designed to connect thousands of restaurants to a single dashboard and create advanced market insight that goes beyond the limited amount of data gained from one or a few locations. The user starts by completing their user and restaurant profile, followed by a questionnaire and finally add Artecsan's email to the restaurants CSV nightly sales distribution list. Artecsan then classifies each restaurant into a

competitive grouping and merge all restaurants into a single user interface. 


What about confidentiality?


At Skrible keeping your identity confidential is a high priority. This means that we will never share any data that can be used to identify your restaurant which includes your restaurant name, city, address and email.


But why share your data at all?


Skrible shared dashboard offers a number of key benefits such as helping to determine if trends in your sales are isolated to your restaurant or the restaurant industry, helping to determine if your budget and/or holiday sales are inline with the market or just keeping up with your restaurant's health and getting a wider market view. These are just a few examples of how shared data can make a difference but simply stated, shared data can help to create a new, more competitive way of thinking and open up users to a broader market and a potentially higher level of thinking.



Getting Setup


Simply select the signup button and complete your user and restaurant profile. We do not require a creditcard, you may cancel anytime and the service is always free. The only requirement is that your restaurant submits real data. If Artecsan receives no data from your restaurant, then no data will be shared. If misleading data is received or submitted your restaurant can be banned from participating. After completing your profile you will follow the POS instructions on how to connect your nightly sales report. Once onboard, your restaurant will be placed in its correct category and your dashboard will be populated within 1-2 days.

"With Skrible's data sharing dashboard you'll get insight from the market and respond to changes affecting the market and that can change everything!"


Tell me more!


Artecsan's dashboard helps restaurants expand their insight and gain advantages that are typically reserved for the big guys:


  • benchmark sales and monitor trends

  • share and get insight into food cost budget, alcohol cost budget, labor budget, and rent

  • determine if you're taking advantage of sales during a specific period, date or holiday

  • measure your average daily sales compared to your peers

  • analyze your daily sales to discover opportunities

  • dive deeper into your breakeven to make sure your restaurant stays profitable

  • Artecsan's free weekly sales projection which takes into account weather, holidays, special events and more.  

  • or just consider it friendly competition that drives growth


Signup, get connected and share! No credit card. No contract. Cancel Anytime   


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