Great job, your request is on the way! Now here's what's next.

One of our representatives will be in contact with you within the next 1-24 hours excluding Sundays.

To help us expedite your setup process we'll need just a few things:

  1.  We'll need to know your food recipes and serving sizes (if you're requesting a food audit). The recipes will need to be very detailed. We'll provide you with the exact format.

  2. Batch recipes for alcohol. For example: many restaurants will prepare large batches of margaritas and serve from the batch. The batch recipe should also include the glass serving size.

  3. Budget pours for alcohol which is usually 1.5oz - 2oz

  4. Budgeted pours for wine which is usually 6oz - 8oz

  5. Budgeted pours for drafts which typically ranges from 12oz - 18oz

  6. A copy of your menu

  7. Preferred order days and what you prefer to order on each day

  8. Vendor contact info including your sales rep

  9. Your POS brand such as Aloha, Focus, Touchbistro etc....

Once we've collected all the information that we need, we'll coordinate with you to schedule your first two audits. We typically try to schedule your first two audits at least one week apart.

After you provide us with the above details, that's it, you're all done! See how easy it's going to be....

In the meantime, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at



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