Creating reports and providing restaurants with information! Skrible is a cloud-based app, that automatically gathers your restaurant's Food and Alcohol data and allows you to manage it with your smartphone!

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Rates Starting at $49 per Month

The Skrible app puts Inventory Control at your Fingertips!

"This app is amazing. I can track my inventory, order only what I need, compare usage to purchases, review inventory reports, monitor what I sell, and even request an audit. I love it!!"


Controlling your restaurants' inventory cost is time-consuming, often a challenge and the primary reason that restaurants will regularly cut corners and lose as much as 8% of their inventory cost month after month, but we can help!

Connect Your Restaurant's  POS 
Cost Out Recipes for Accuracy

Download our  Mobile App

Track Sales and On-Hand Inventory 

Re-Order Directly from your Mobile

Easily Schedule an Inventory Audit


On-Demand Inventory Auditors you can schedule anytime using your smartphone!

For some of us, controlling our restaurant's inventory cost feels like no big deal but for others, it can seem like an impossible challenge. This is one of the reasons why restaurants love us. Our flexible and easy to schedule app makes us a GREAT fit for any restaurant in any situation!

With Skrible's mobile app, scheduling an auditor to visit your restaurant to count and weigh all bottles of alcohol or all food items onsite is a snap. Our customers can schedule our auditors weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, once a year, a few times a year, once a quarter even daily which is why we're perfect for everyone!


Inventory Analysts

We understand that you have a lot to do and inventory isn't always a priority which is why at Skrible our services comes with a free monthly review. At least once a month one of our analysts will take a peek at your inventory numbers to see if we notice anything that you might've missed or we'll just reach out and provide some good old fashion feedback!

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